Private Classes

Private Classes

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My Method

1. BJJ as a game, not as a fight. A playful approach to learning is what will eventually lead you to a faster and more organic development. (

2. Why before How. Once you understand why techniques work, getting to the how will be way easier!

3. Principles before techniques. Going through the guiding principles of the art I will teach you to learn how to learn. In the beginning, that will involve movements, skills and games that will help later on in your journey.

4. Tailor-made training. Everybody has different needs and backgrounds, and you’ll receive a customized program to get the most out of your BJJ experience.

Your First Month of BJJ

This is what you’ll find in my introductory program:

Stance. As basic as it may sound, learning how to stand is the pillarof any fighting sport. Grappling stance is very different from our everyday posture, and it requires certain practice to be rendered effective. You will learn how to stand efficiently and to maintain balance while moving around the mat.

Distance management. You will learn how to recognize the 3 main fighting distances: long, middle, and short range. They correspond respectively to kicking, punching, and grappling/gripping distance. Although BJJ doesn’t involve any striking, it is important to develop the ability to work with distances to be able to maintain a safety range when defending and knowing what the right distance is to engage.

Grips. The next step to initiate a grappling exchange, either with or without the Kimono, is to learn how to grip. Grip fighting is a very important topic that will be thematized throughout your career and not only is a basic aspect of any grappling sport (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, wrestling, etc.), but it is also what differentiates them from striking sports (boxing, muay-thai, etc.). You will learn the basics of how to grip effectively to obtain control over your partner’s movements.

Breakfalls. Safety is the first norm while on the mat and being able to break a fall is a necessary safety requirement that you will learn at the beginning of your journey. You will explore different ways to alleviate falls, backward and side in the beginning, front only later on, and render falling as such a painless and even fun experience.

Control the balance. Another basic grappling skill is to control your partner’s balance through grips and control of strategic points of the body, such as the head, the shoulders, and the hips. Firstly, you will be taught why control and off-balance are so important, which will lead straight into how to do it. In the end, you will know how to maintain your balance while at the same time generating off-balance on your partner’s side.

My Background

I don’t live on the mat. Sure, I spend a lot of time there, but when I’m not training or teaching, I am an independent researcher with a doctorate in Philosophy, specialized in Political Theology. As a matter of fact, I often teach seminars about XX century German-Jewish thinkers. But you want to learn BJJ, so, why should all this matter?

It does matter a lot. It matters because, unusual for our sport, I have a strong academic background from which I can draw in terms of organizing programs, teaching materials and supervise students, which will massively improve your BJJ learning experience.

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or at 0034677880832 (Whatsapp)